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We offer experience and expertise in many areas of Anatomic Pathology, including two Hematopathologists and a specialist in transfusion medicine. Physicians Laboratory also offers on-site Cervista™ high risk HPV testing and CT/NG testing by PCR. We consistently provide exceptional turn-around-times on both surgical and cytology specimens. Physicians Laboratory is proud of its long history of excellence in patient care.


What's New at PL
FDA Approves New Gardasil 9

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of Gardasil 9, an HPV vaccine that prevents cancers and other lesions caused by nine HPV types.  This is five more than the original Gardasil protected against.


Client Alerts
Updated Products of Conception Guidelines

Physicians Laboratory has updated requirements regarding the handling of a fetal demise.  A fetus that is less than 20 complete weeks gestation will be considered a surgical specimen.  A "Disposition of Fetal Remains" form MUST be completed on all such cases.

 Any fetus 20 complete weeks or more gestation will be considered an autopsy.