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Physicians Laboratory, Ltd. was founded in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1966 to provide Anatomic and Plaza 2 with tree.jpgClinical Pathology services and Nuclear Imaging consultation to physician offices, clinics, and small surrounding-area hospitals. It has grown from this modest beginning and now provides services to many area hospitals and clinics and physician offices in a three-state area. Physicians Laboratory of Sioux Falls is located on the 7th floor of  Plaza 2 on the Avera McKennan campus.  


Physicians Laboratory (Sioux Falls)               Physicians Laboratory Client Services: 
Plaza 2, 1301 S. Cliff Ave., Suite 700                        605-322-7212 
Sioux Falls, SD 57105                                                Physicians Laboratory Main Number: 
Phone (605) 322-7200 or (800) 658-5474                  605-322-7200 
FAX (605) 322-7222
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm CST

Pathologists:                                   Pathology Assistants:                                                                Read Sulaiman, MD                        Jenny Starks, PA-MHS                       
Bruce Prouse, MD                           Myranda Tischer, PA-MHS 
Michelle Bleile, MD                        Carissa Marler, PA-MHS 
Jacquelyn Choate, MD                     Thanh Thao Pham, PA-MHS
Erin Quist, MD
Bailey Reindl, MD
Lauren Murer, MD
Mary James, MD
Garth Aasen, MD
Marc Dvoracek, MD
B. Joel Tjarks, MD

Physicians Laboratory at Yankton:  

Located in Sacred Heart Hospital 
501 Summit
Yankton, SD 57058 
Phone: (605) 668-8169 

Richard Strom, MD

PL of Northwest Iowa
116 E. 11th Street Room 204
Spencer, IA 51301-0257 
Phone (712) 262-3795 or (800) 584-7076
FAX (712) 262-3076

Stephanie Johnson, MD
Daniel Abbott, MD     


Physicians Laboratory is licensed for interstate commerce under the provisions of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1967.  In addition to being accredited by CLIA, Physicians Laboratory Ltd in Sioux Falls, Physicians Laboratory of Northwest Iowa, and Physicians Laboratory at Yankton have also met the applicable standards for accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Laboratory Accreditation Program.