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To put it simply, Cytology is the diagnostic interpretation of cellular samples to detect cancerous or pre-cancerous conditions. These services include Gynecologic or Non-Gynecologic Cytology.


Interpretation of cytology specimens at Physicians Laboratory is performed by Board Certified Pathologists or by Cytotechnologists (registered by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists). In compliance with CLIA '88 regulation, supervisory level cytotechnologists perform random rescreen of 10% of all Pap smears daily before the reports are released. 'Within Normal Limits' Pap smear cases are reported by a cytotechnologist. Cases routed to the pathologist for review are separated from the routine normal cases.

    Cases sent to the Pathologists for review are:
  • Reactive/reparative
  • All smears containing cellular abnormalities
  • All smears where cellular pattern and clinical history do not correlate
  • All smears where the screening cytotechnologist has any question regarding a totally benign state.