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Ordering supplies online will not change but we will be updating the list of supplies to include some of the newer products that we offer.  You may need to re-save your link if you have it on your desktop but we will let you know for sure once the update is imminent.  Stay tuned for more information! 
STI Awareness
The presentation is entitled "Practicing Evidence-Based Medicine on Managing STI's" and it will be held on June 3rd at Morrie's Steakhouse in Sioux Falls.  Click on the link to see the invitation.  Dinner invitation.  
Please follow the instructions on the invitation if you are interested in attending.  Hope to see you there!
PL updates ASC-H terminology
The interpretation ASCUS, cannot exclude a high grade (ASCUS-H) was changed from:
to ASC-H:

What this means moving forward:
For interpretations of ASC-H, high risk HPV testing will no longer be performed reflexively for Pap tests marked "If ASC-US perform HPV testing".
 According to ASCCP recommendations the appropriate follow up of an ASC-H interpretation is colposcopy.
Lymph Node Protocol Instructions
If your facility is located in Sioux Falls or Spencer, IA call PL Client Services at 605-322-7212 in Sioux Falls or 1-800-584-7076 in Spencer for immediate pickup.  Place the specimen in a sterile container and do NOT add formalin.  Specify what testing needs to be performed, e.g. cultures and/or flow cytometry.  If cultures are desired they need to be ordered separately, whether on a laboratory requisition or in Meditech.
If your facility is not local, specify what testing needs to be performed as noted above.  If cultures are desired, place the order appropriately, then divide the specimen and send that portion to your microbiology department to be plated to media.   If that is not possible call Avera McKennan Regional Laboratory at 605-322-7100 for further instructions.  If flow cytometry is desired, place a portion of the specimen in RPMI transport media.  Place any remaining specimen in 10% buffered formalin.  The flow specimen and the formalin-fixed specimen will be sent together to PL.
Lubricant and Pap Testing
We have also included ordering information for the Avera Health Supply Chain.  

We do our best to result out every specimen sent to us, however we all realize that patient care is the utmost priority and if we feel that we cannot render an accurate result because of the specimen quality we will request that it be re-collected.  
HPV Co-Testing vs. HPV Only Testing

Click on the link below to read about the Quest study which concluded that screening with HPV alone misses more cervical cancer. 

Pap plus HPV

Physicians Laboratory pathologists' position regarding this co-testing and HPV alone is described in the following position paper.

Position Paper